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Classic or Contemporary Tone

Original specification reproductions or complete custom builds designed to your tonal and cosmetic needs. At Collins Amplification you design your new amplifier exactly the way that you want it. Studio, stage, or practice, any of my platforms can be slightly or heavily modified to suit your needs, or a complete custom amp can be built for you. The models listed on the Amp Designs page have been the most requested to date, but I do have many designs that I have yet to find time to build. If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask. Chances are what you want or something very similar has already been prototyped and is ready to be put in to production.  

Peter Parceks Signature Tweed Tone 18112

Built to Last

Meticulous build quality, lead dress, and the best new old stock and currently produced components available, mean that your Collins product will outlast you while being rock solid and reliable the entire time. If you compare the tone, fit, finish and build quality of my products to that of the off the shelf mass produced products that dominate the industry today, which in no way resemble the products that earned them their reputation over 40 years ago, I'm sure the differences will be apparent immediately. I only put my name on what actually works in real life scenarios, and not the hype driven products that you see in the media.

Cross Canadian Ragweed and the Eastender 36 212 Half Stack


I am a one man operation with low overhead and low prices. This affords me the ability to build an instrument or amplifier from start to finish with insight to every aspect of construction and detail. It's mine, and then it's yours. No computer aided construction, solder baths, conveyor belts, etc. are involved in the build process.  If you think about the amazing tone and gear of your own guitar heroes past or present, and then consider the latest flavor of the month boutique amp company charging three times what I charge, I'd be willing to bet that not only have your favorite players never bought or played through any of them, they absolutely never needed to for great tone. The tube tone wheel can only be reinvented so many times and it's nearly 70 years old.

The Ty England Band and the Hawk 15112 & 30212

Made to Order

There are no authorized Collins Amplification dealers. Each amplifier is made to order and only available from this website. Build time "averages" 3 - 8 weeks depending on how many orders I already have in que. Once we finalize your order, I only need half of the total payment up front to start your build. The remainder plus actual shipping cost is due when the amp is ready to ship. Pricing and options are listed at the bottom of that amps page.

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Eastender 30 Head & 2x12 CB Cab
Bristol 15112
Hawk 30 Head
Kensington 45 Head
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